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“The public library is where place and possibility meet.”
- Stuart Dybek

Our goal is to meet your needs. We offer several services to help!
A library card is not required to utilize these services.
Printing, Copies & Fax

Printing, Copies and Fax are all done for a fee. (Cash Only)

Printing can be done via the Library's computers or you can send us your documents to print.

A librarian will make your copies for you.


Printing and Copies

Color copies:                                                  $0.25 

Black and white, single-sided, regular:              $0.10

Black and white, single sided, legal:                 $0.15

Black and white, double-sided, regular:            $0.15

Fax                                  (618) 476 - 3600

Sent pages

First page:                                                      $2.00

Each additional to the same number:                $0.50


Received pages             

Per page:                                                       $0.25                 



Sent and Received first page:                           $4.00

Each additional for the same number:               $1.00

Cover pages can be provided upon request.

Internet Access

We offer 4 computers for patron use and 24/7 WiFi that can be accessed outside our building without a password. 

Appointments should be made to ensure computer use.

Patrons are allotted 1 hour time slots up to 2 times per day.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Appointments must be made for essential computer use.

Patrons are allotted (1) 30 minute time slot. 

To use the Library's computers, adults and youths (under 16) must sign an Internet Use Policy and Agreement. These can be requested at the Circulation Desk. These documents can be viewed below.

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