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SRAP Prize Winners!

We have winners! Everyone did a great job these past two months, and we are so proud of you all. Our number one youth reader was John W. with 7437 minutes and our head adult reader was Mary H. with 9315 minutes. The two of you can stop by to pick up your certificate!

Now what you've all been waiting for. OUR PRIZE WINNERS! They are all listed below...

Scavenger Hunt Action Camera- Alex B.

$15 to Rae and James- Harper H.

Create a Story- Tinley O.

Brain Quest Ages 2-3- Owen W.

Brain Quest Ages 5-6- Nathan F.

Brain Quest Ages 6-7- Jacob V.

Home Sweet Home Sign- Pennie A.

Popcorn Machine- Gwendolyn W.

Martin Beck Books- Jennifer G.

Acrylic art set- Mikaela B.

$20 Gift card to Spikes- Anette C.

Kodak Printomatic- Anna M.

Yoshi Plush- Ellie W.

$20 Card to Otts- Mary H.

$25 IGA- Helen R.

Air Fryer- Megan B. Name that Emotion/Mario- Eleanor H.

Goosebumps/the final season- Rebecca F.

Cooler Bag- Emelia F.

Squishies- Kamryn K.

Grizzlies tickets/Aquapark- John W.

$10 Happy Days- Cannon M.

Cookbook Set- Amy W.

Golden Books Set- Tessa P.

Once there was a boy books- Ben G.

Pop It- Connie K.

$15 to Bolt and Cupp- Cristine B.

Science Center Membership- Cate B.

Librarians Party- Becky J.


Congratulations to all of our winners and participants! If you did win something, you will recieve a call from us in the next few days. We had a great year, and we cant wait to see you all in the winter for WRAP!

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