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Autism and Our Community Classes Survey

The American Library Association and their initiative, Libraries Transforming Communities, had a grant available to help libraries be more accessible to certain audiences. Thanks to our friends at Trinity Services, the Millstadt Autism Foundation, and the Illinois Center for Autism, we were awarded $20,000.00 to make that a possibility.

With those funds, we plan to input an automatic door and signage to make items easier to find. Our main focus, however, will be the classes we plan on presenting to the community on Autism. With the help of Trinity Services, we will be hosting classes on several topics to help families and friends better understand and care for their loved ones and neighbors. We aim to record these classes and have them available online as a virtual resource.

To ensure that we are providing the classes that our community wants and needs and at times and days that work for them, we'd appreciate your help in answering this survey. Please forward it to those you know it would be beneficial to - they do not have to live in Millstadt or the Millstadt area to attend these classes.

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