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Summer Reading and Activity Program

"“If our lives are already written, it would take a courageous man to change the script.”"
- Alan Wake, Alan Wake Video Game

Read below to learn more about our Summer Reading and Activity Program!
A library card is not required to participate!
Be A Reading Superstar
June 12 to July 24
ALL Ages!

Are you ready to Mario PARTY? Lets-A-Go!

Join us for 6 weeks of reading and activity fun for everyone!

You'll receive weekly participation prizes no matter how much you've read, and each week will have a different fun theme with related crafts for you to take home and make!


For the minutes you read or qualifying activities you participate in, you earn a ticket to enter into our raffles for our BIG prizes. A raffle ticket is awarded for every 20 minutes you spend reading, for qualifying event you attend, or every activity accomplished. Leftover minutes will be rounded up into another raffle ticket. 

What are qualifying events and activities? Attending any Millstadt Library District event or program like Knitting and Crochet Night, Wild Explorers Club, Story Times, STEAM, or Crafternoon, or participating in any Millstadt Community Event! Activities also include donating items to the Millstadt Food Pantry and to the Belleville Area Humane Society.


And, with our Community Scavenger Hunt and Weekly Field Trips, you can explore your town and learn about the stores and community buildings in Millstadt. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about both, and

to see our full activity calendar, themes, and field trips.

Our Mario Party will be held on Saturday, July 22 (more info to come soon!)

Raffle Winners will be announced Wednesday, July 26!



There is no library card needed to participate in our program or any of our programs and there are no costs. (We do ask for RSVPs for the field trips.)

Reading Logs will be available at the library and below:

Children's, Teen, and Adult Reading Log Downloadable PDF


Children's Reading Log Google Form

Teen Reading Log Google Form 

Adult Reading Log Google Form


Community Scavenger Hunt

When you stop by the Library to get your first reading log and welcome kit for the SRAP (that's short for Summer Read and Activity Program,) we'll also offer you the Community Scavenger Hunt passport.

This passport and accompanying map will keep you quite busy as you collect Mario Party characters from participating businesses around Millstadt! All participating businesses will be listed on the map, and will have a Mario character visible in their window.


There are no purchases required when you go to visit these locations. This is an opportunity to meet the great people who run the businesses and organizations in our wonderful little Village.


Those that complete the scavenger hunt get a special prize and entered into a special raffle. There are over 25 stops, so happy traveling!

Field Trips

Reading is an important skill and one that we need for daily life and for the future. However, it's important that we mix what we read on our own with practical education and that we learn how things are done to - not just read about them.

We are teaming up with six places to go on field trips, one every Thursday at 10 a.m. during SRAP.

You'll see the places listed in the calendar below, along with a link. Please use those links to learn more about the field trip and to RSVP. Please have your RSVP in by the Thursday of the week before the trip.

You can do so through the link or with the library by coming in or calling us at 618-476-1887.

Everyone will meet at the Field Trip location - NOT at the library. All ages are welcome to attend, but parents are expected to stay with their children during the trip. The Field Trip presentations will start promptly at 10 a.m. and will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the Field Trip host.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we're more than happy to help!

Week 1: 

Participation Prize

Get ready to explore new lands with a new Millstadt Library bag and a SRAP Welcome Kit.


Walk the plank, and get wet! Go swimming or do a water themed activity.


Visit the library to help create our group pirate map to help guide Mario and his friends!

Week 2: 

Participation Prize

Learn about all the different ways people traveled in the old west (and other times too) with a free pass to the National Museum of Transportation!


Meet all the different creatures out on the range. Find one animal outside and draw it!


Every superstar need an appropriate outfit. Make a character hat to protect you from those strong frontier winds!

Week 3: 

Participation Prize

Enjoy a free cookie with your Milky Way by getting a free cookie coupon from Casey's.


Grab a star wheel from the library and go outside. See how many constellations you can find. Who knows, you might find a goomba!


Help Mario and his pals blast off by making a straw rocket.

Week 4: 

Participation Prize

Uncover mysterious adventures and practice your aim with a free entrance ticket for Paintball at XTREME Paintball! 


Go on an adventure! It might be searching for lost treasure in your backyard, or going hiking with your family.


Create your own fossil with our recipe for salt dough and a dinosaur skeleton.

Week 5: 

Participation Prize

Get in touch with your inner witch or wizard with a pass to the Magic House.


Dress up in a spooky costume. Maybe you put a sheet over your head and become a ghost, or make a witches hat.


Adopt a Boo! They make look a little scary but they make great friends.

Week 6: 

Participation Prize

Fight off enemies just like  Bowser with a laser tag pass from the Edge!


Get toasty! Barbeque, toast marshmallows, or try to cook something on the pavement.


Pick up one of our bowser, or bowser family, coloring sheets.

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And a HUGE Thank You to everyone who has sponsored our Summer Reading and Activity Program!

Weekly Participation Prizes






Grand Prizes



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