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Printing, Copies and Fax

“When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.”
― Anatole France

Printing, Copies & Fax

Printing, Copies and Fax are all done for a fee. (Cash Only)

Printing can be done via the Library's computers or you can send us your documents to print.

A librarian will make your copies for you.


Printing and Copies

Color copies:                                                   $0.25

Black and white, single-sided, regular:               $0.10

Black and white, single sided, legal:                  $0.15

Black and white, double-sided, regular:              $0.15

Fax                                 (618) 476 - 3600

Sent pages

First page:                                                     $2.00

Each additional to the same number:               $0.50


Received pages            

Per page:                                                       $0.25                                           


Sent and Received first page:                           $4.00

Each additional for the same number:               $1.00

Cover pages can be provided upon request.

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