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Yes Committee Honored

At our June Board Meeting, we honored our Yes Committee who had worked tirelessly on the library's annexation referendum with a plaque. It reads;

From Fall 2021 to Summer 2022, the Millstadt Library District embarked on a journey to annex the Millstadt School District to not only serve an unserved portion of our community, but to give our entire community access to a new, much needed library space.

This campaign spanned months of ups and downs and triumphs and tribulations. Although the annexation referendum failed at the June 2022 election, it was not unsuccessful. The library was able to rally a group of dedicated supporters and to solidify a new reputation for itself – one that spoke of its mission to be open to ideas, open to community, and open to every single person. And most importantly, it put action into those words.

We will forever be grateful to those who supported and continue to support our library and mission. We honor those who went above and beyond to make our efforts possible here.

Vote Yes for the Millstadt Library Committee Members

Kim Atkins - Communications

Mark Atkins - Communications

Justin Aymer - Website

Christine Branum - Communications

Heather Erwin – Voter Contact

Otto Faulbaum - Communications

Dawn Kohnen - Fundraising

Rene Mauck - Endorsements

Ashley Reeder – Voter Contact

Phyllis Schaefer – Fundraising

Special Thank You To:

John Chrastka and Every Library, Lauren Milton, Al Scharf, Ed Wilkerson, Norm Sanders, Missy Schaefer, Don and Debbie Mertz, Tracy Brubeck, Kayla Beyer, Mary Lou Peter, Peggy Cole, Robert Englebretson, Patti French, The Library Staff, Board, and their Families, The Yes Committee, Additional Supporters and their Families

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