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We'll Move Forward Either Way!

From the Director's Chair -

It has been a long journey. We started working to spread information about this vote back around November of last year and have been giving presentations, writing articles and more to educate and inform. Although we might have missed the mark in some places, we certainly have done our best.

We never shied away from what the cost would be for those outside the district, but we did focus on what the benefits would be for the community, for the businesses, for the schools, for those who live in our community, and most importantly, for the future of all of our children. Although the conversation shifted to the individual costs and not those wonderful opportunities of equitable access, I cannot thank everyone enough for being a part of the conversation.

This annexation referendum has been one of the biggest asks of our community in a long time and the first with social media. It has been interesting to watch the part instant connectivity has played in communications and how we’ve brought people together for different causes.

During our presentation we give, I always say that libraries are important because we can’t talk to people face-to-face on Facebook. At our last Open House, we saw this in action. A group who had met on social media met in the library and were asking each other where they were from and they were getting to know each other and that’s because the library is a place to hold discussions.

Some might say that this conversation has divided our community, I think it’s brought us closer than ever. We have opposing viewpoints. That’s okay. That’s democracy. Like someone said, libraries are progressive.

And yes, yes, we are. We’re agents of change and adaptation. We’re never afraid to try something new and to move forward. Who adopted computers and had them available first? Printers and copiers? Who taught people how to use them? 3-D printers and maker spaces? We continue to see resources come into use and go out of use.

A library’s mission is to do its best for its community, including making sure that its community has the resources and the facilities it needs to thrive and prosper. As long as we feel we need to improve upon these aspects to better serve our area, we will continue to work on this mission.

We do expect to know by tonight or tomorrow an estimate of the count, but an official count will not be available for a few weeks due to mail-in ballots. Should anyone believe they would be annexed into the library district, they would not be applicable for a library card that is built into their taxes until the official results are certified and court order approved.

Thank you again to everyone for their support and hard work. No matter the outcome, we’ll continue to move forward.

This would not have been possible without everyone’s participation, whether you voted yes or no.


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