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Van Allen Plexico will be here in January!

In anticipation of the Millstadt Library’s first Authors’ Faire, here are a couple of reviews and recommendations on titles that you might find here (to borrow on your card or to purchase in-person from the authors on Jan 15th). We’re having special extended hours on Saturday, January 15th, from 10am to 4 pm to accommodate our many authors.

Find the works of Van Allen Plexico in your Illinois Heartland Library System!

Summary: A return to deductive reasoning as an entertainment! This book contains five original stories involving Sherlock Holmes and his erstwhile companion, Dr. John Watson. Some mysteries involve old friends (Lestrade, Mycroft, Moriarty) while others contain magical maps and worrisome explosive devices. I appreciated “The Problem at Stamford Bridge” and how Watson is the first on the case. I’m still metaphorically lifting my jaw from the floor, it was such a fun read.

Gush Sesh: The moments of humanity shown in the famous characters are superlative. I’m thinking specifically of Watson’s editing of his own words within “The Adventure of the Tuvan Delegate” in order to avoid awkwardness. It’s a modern reference to being more aware (woke) and inclusive than the general privileged white Victorian male, and yet it still works. I could totally ‘hear’ Watson stumbling over the words in my head as if Nigel Bruce were speaking the part (my favorite on-screen Watson). When Sherlock shows surprise during the attempted dismantling of a bomb, all he reveals is a single gasp, yet it shakes us (and Watson) to the core. Chopped into short stories for an easy read, these classic Holmsian mysteries whet the appetite and stir the blood for more.

Also available:

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Sentinels. When Strikes the Warlord - the first of the superpowered series, part one of trilogy one, 2008

Sentinels. Apocalypse Rising - part three of trilogy one, 2008

Sentinels. The Shiva Advent - part one of trilogy two, 2009

Sentinels. The Dark Crusade - part two of trilogy three, 2016

The Shattering - omnibus with Legion I: Lords of fire -- Legion II: Sons of terra -- Legion III: Kings of oblivion. 2014

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