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Rock Your Vote on Nov 8 with help from these Websites!

You can be ready to make the decisions that are right for you this Tuesday, November 8, 2022 with help from these helpful websites.

Not sure where to vote? Visit and enter your address to find your polling place. We know in Millstadt and just outside Village limits, one street can make all the difference.

Unsure of what's all on your ballot or who really to vote for still? Not a problem. has you covered. This site is ran independently by University of Chicago researchers and aggregates information on candidates from all across the World Wide Web.

- On the above site, you can scroll to find Online Voter Guides by entering your home address, or you can click the web address here

If you want to look up candidates specifically, head over to where you can search by elected office, candidate name, or public policy.

Still looking for more resources? Check out this great pamphlet from the American Library Association. The last page hosts a list of websites that will help you find more answers.

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