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Pardon Our Dust! We're Giving the Library a Makeover! (Read for Important Info about Modified Hours)

Who doesn't love a little makeover? Especially, if you haven't had one in a few decades! -

  • New lights are being installed to replace the originals from 1969 thanks to a grant we were nominated for through a local Ameren employee.

  • Goodbye to our worn out carpet with stains that we know where they came from... Thanks to a grant from Libraries Transforming Communities and the American Library Association.

  • We're also adding some fresh paint with a splash of color

  • Some new furniture (including a new circulation desk!) from days of work at an auction from the St. Louis County Library (the library director and her dad are still sore from this!)

  • We're rearranging our entire layout, meaning we'll come up with some great signs to tell patrons where items will be.

  • We'll also be installing an automatic door operator for our stubborn door. Again thanks to the grant from Libraries Transforming Communities and the American Library Association.

  • And we're hoping to be awarded another grant for some new tables!

So what does that mean for library users?

To accomodate our book movers and skilled tradespeople, we have to close the library. We're planning to close the building for two weeks and three days - 10/02/2023-10/17/2023. However, that doesn't mean there will be no services available.

We will have the Tiny Library on the property running modified hours -

Mon, Wed, Fri: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tues-Thurs: 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Sat: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We expect that we will be able to take returns, get requested items to patrons, and be of help in any way possible. We also plan on still having Story Time out in the Tiny Library! We are not sure if we will be able to provide computer, printing, or fax services and we will NOT have access to our collection.

Please be sure to use your library card to its fullest potential during this time and access some of the great local libraries in our area! You can can always use your card to check out books from Columbia, Waterloo, Belleville, Dupo, Smithton, and more. You can return those items to your Millstadt Library or to any IHLS library (like those listed above.) The library crawl will be going on all through October, so stop by and pick up a passport before your library adventures!

What about the New Library?

It's still happening! All prior and current donations are still going into our New Library Fund and will continue to do so becuase even if we make our current space better, it will still not be able to serve our community to even half its fullest potential. In short, we will ALWAYS need more space; meeting rooms for programs (think how big they could be!), study rooms for students, entrepreneurs, and those who work at home, bathrooms, sufficient parking, gathering areas for children, teens, adults, young families, and seniors to get together, outdoor and childrens areas for interactive play, maker spaces for the community, and a location that truly will benefit students and park-goers and create a beautiful new landmark for those who live and travel in our town.

We still believe in the New Library, we just also know that great things usually don't happen over night. Until then, we'll make our current space more usable for patrons and staff. Thank you for your continued support!

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