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Monthly Events and Bake Sale Deadline

Attending a program at your library helps you learn a new skill, grow your imagination

and meet your neighbors!

Join us this month for any of these activities especially some to help build your #newmillstadtlibrary!

If you're looking for a little romance and a little mystery, try a blind date with a book (or a blind play date with a book for our young ones or young at heart) all month long!

Our Family Movie Program this month is the Princess Bride!

We have all of our usual clubs, programs and events going on and our fundraiser this month is our Valentine's Day bake Sale!

Completed order forms are due Friday, February 4. Email us, drop them off, or call us to order.

This is perfect for anyone who still hasn't picked up something special for someone special.

Not to mention, your also helping build a new library...

And come join us on February 12 for pick up and for $1 raffles and adult card making with Mary Lou's Stampin' Up card kits and Valentine's Day cards for kids as well!

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