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Archie's Halloween Party

As some of you may know, September 2nd we will be having auditions for Archie's Halloween Party. We are so excited to be doing this play in October and we can't wait to see everyone there.

Auditions will be here at the Millstadt Library at 11 a.m. There is nothing that you need to prepare ahead of time. We will simply read through portions of the script and see who is interested in what. We are going to try to get as many people involved in the show as possible. We will decide rehersal times based on actors' avaliblity, but they will likely be on the weekends. The show itself will happen here at the library on October 20th at 7 p.m.

As this show is a radio-style play, actors will not be required to memorize lines. Below I have listed the speaking character descriptions. There are several other characters that may have a few lines here and there, but don't have a specific name. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on facebook, or email us at We hope to see you all soon!

Fred Andrews, male presenting, 35-55 years old:

Father of Archie, husband to Mary. Businessman providing for his family. Typical 50’s archetype of a husband and father in media; i.e. Rob Petrie or Ricky Ricardo.

Mary Andrews, female presenting, 30-55 years old:

Mother of Archie, wife to Fred. 50’s housewife and not as outgoing as her husband. However, she is more than capable of matching his sarcasm and wit when she wants.

Archie Andrews, male presenting, 10-18 years old:

Young kid, eager to impress his friends, especially Veronica. Not the most popular person at school, but still quite well liked.

Jughead Jones, male presenting, 10-18 years old:

Archie’s best friend, often making the jokes and gets most of the laughs. Always confused, and quite dim-witted. He loves snacks.

Veronica Lodge, female presenting, 10-18 years old:

One of the popular girls, quite smart and can hold her own. The object of Archie’s affection and his main purpose behind throwing a party.

Betty Cooper, female presenting, 10-18 years old:

Another quite popular young lady. Preppy, but still the life of the party. Another good friend of Archie’s.

Agatha, female presenting, 10-18 years old:

A new friend of the girls, and Jughead’s date to the party. She follows around Jughead for the first half of the party, and then Archie later. It is revealed in the end that she is a witch who needs to steal a soul (by kissing them) to survive for another 50 years. But Jughead and Archie are too focused on other things to kiss her.

Reggie Mantle, male presenting, 10-18 years old:

The popular school jock. He is always foiling Archie’s plan to be with Veronica by whisking her away. He and Jughead share a love for food.

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