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All WRAPped up! Winter Reading winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Winter Reading and Activity Program! Also, a huge thank you to our Field Trip hosts!

If you haven't been to Live Oak Wine Décor or Rae and James, please do! It's amazing what our Millstadt businesses can offer.

Scroll below for a list of all of our winners!

Avon Bubble Bath - Avery S.

Victoria's Secret Tote Bag - Connie K.

Millstadt Geographic Coordinates Necklace - Ellie W.

Christmas Vacation Moose Mug - Mona S.

Christmas Vacation Moose Mug - Eli R.

Good Morning Café T-Shirt and gift card - Amy W.

Lite Brite - Cate B.

Dual Blast Laser Tag Set - Conner B.

Linsay Tablet - Nellie M.

Giant Dance-On Piano - Kaya M.

And if you did not receive a mug as a participation prize or a notebook when you returned your reading log - let us know!

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