Non-Resident Card

"Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card."
–Marc Brown

But libraries are free, right? Well yes, and no.

Believe it or not, libraries are expensive to run and can only do as much as they are budgeted for. These annual budgets come from the Village of Millstadt and are based solely off of property taxes of those who live within the Village limits.

Do I live in the Village?

Individuals in the Village of Millstadt pay for the library varying on the amount of property tax they must pay. You can check whether or not you live within these limits by visiting this website: https://stclairil.devnetwedge.com/

Why is the cost so high?

It is up to each library to decide whether or not they will offer Non-Resident cards. When a library board does decide to opt-in to the program, they must adhere to their State's legislature. According to the State of Illinois' Public Library Non-Resident Service Administrative Rules, we must charge at least equal to the cost paid by residents. These costs must be updated yearly to keep up with yearly property tax increases.

How does the library figure out these costs?

There are a variety of ways in which a library can set their fee, however, the Millstadt Library follows a formula set by the State. We follow what the State considers to be a General Mathematical Formula and use this engine from a fellow Illinois Library Consortium to set our cost.

To see more about the types of fees that can be set, visit this link to see the Administrative Code's rulings: https://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/023/023030500000600R.html

Do I have to buy my card from Millstadt even if another local library is cheaper?

According to Section 3050 of the Illinois Administrative Code, you must purchase your Non-Resident card at the library nearest your address. Here is a map to see the libraries available in your area.

Why should I buy a card?

We're glad you asked. Your library card is worth so much more than a book or even one library. Your card gives you access to 500+ local libraries, their facilities, and their items. You can order these items through our portal online or by asking a librarian and they will be sent to Millstadt from a variety of places. Or, go in-person! Check out that DVD in Columbia and return it to Glen Carbon. Pick up some books at Glen Carbon and return them back to Millstadt. It's a never-ending circle.

Again, books are great, but they are just a part of the resources available. Check out CDs, DVDs, kits, video games, LPs, VHS or even fishing poles. And let's face it, one book can usually cost $20+. If you buy more than 5 books a year, your card is already paid for.


For more information on the State of Illinois' Public Library Non-Resident Service Administrative Rules, visit here: https://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/library/libraries/nonresident.html

For any other questions, stop by the library or give us a call at 476-1887.

And remember, ALL of our programs and regular services are available without a library card.