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3rd Annual Library Crawl!

We always say that your card is good at any of the 500+ libraries we are connected to, now's your chance to explore them! From September 27 - October 17, visit any of the libraries taking part in the crawl and get your passport stamped and receive a participation prize! For anyone who gets at least 5 stamps, they receive a tote bag! You can pick up your passport at the library.

The Library Crawl is organized and presented by the participating libraries of the Illinois Heartland Library System.

The 1st Library Crawl was started by the Bethalto Public Library District to encourage library patrons to explore the resources in many other library buildings that are available to request and checkout with a library card.

In 2019 there were 28 participating locations. In 2021, for our 3rd Annual Library Crawl, there are 85 locations! We hope you have an enjoyable time discovering new libraries and we wish you safe travels on this adventure!

Here's a copy of the passport.


Here's a copy of the local dining and entertainment guide! file:///C:/Users/Library/Downloads/Local%20Eateries%20and%20Attractions%20-%20Official.pdf

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