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“If you love books enough, books will love you back.”
-Jo Walton

Current Library Board

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Instant Photo Poster
Bob Englebretson

Years in Library Service:

Committee(s): Hiring, Policies & Procedures, Fundraising

A Favorite Book:

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries:

Jennifer Bernstein
Vice President

Years in Library Service:

Committee(s): Compensation, Hiring, Policies & Procedures, Fundraising

About: Jennifer spent her childhood in many parts of the US, before coming to Illinois during her junior year of college. She graduated from SIUC and moved to Belleville for her first teaching job.

She resides in Millstadt with her husband Seth, where she raised her two sons. She taught school for thirty-four years, most of it at Signal Hill School in Belleville. She is currently on the Millstadt Library Board and the Belleville Mural Project Board

A Favorite Book: Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fieldings

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: It was a great place to visit with my boys when they were young.  Now I would say the programs like Knitting/Crochet Night and the library provides reading material to further my hobbies.

Why a New Library: A new library would be infinitely rewarding for the people of Millstadt. A place to hold meetings, classes, and events for all ages. A new library would provide access to more reading material, computers, local history and a maker’s space.

Traci Juhas

Years in Library Service: 10+ years.

Committee(s): Building

A Favorite Book: Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: The smell of the books.

Why a New Library: To give the community more space for programming and community engagement.

Brenda Goudey

Years in Library Service: 2 years

Committee(s): Compensation, Finance, Policies & Procedures

A Favorite Book: Nonfiction – American Icon by Bryce Hoffman

Fiction – everything written by Dan Brown

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: As much as I enjoy Knitting Night and other adult activities, my favorite thing about the Library is still the valuable resource it is for children.  My kids “grew up” at the Millstadt Library, checking out books regularly and both are still voracious readers as adults.

Why a New Library: The new library will be a wonderful resource to the community, especially for the children.  One important improvement over the current facility is that the proposed floorplan offers clear sight lines for the two librarians on duty to see the entire library from their desk – offering optimal safety and security.  This would not be possible in the current building, even if the library used the whole building.

Patti French

Years in Library Service: Brand new to the library board

Committee(s): Fundraising

A Favorite Book: Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: The library is full of many varied adventures just waiting for you to experience.

Why a New Library: The new library will provide the people of Millstadt with multiple inspiring spaces where we will have room to gather together or to go individually to learn, explore, discover and grow, no matter our age.

Norm Sanders

Years in Library Service: 2 years

Committee(s): Building

A Favorite Book: The Stand by Stephen King

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: I began reading early in life and still remember going to our local library and checking out four or five books at a time. There was something special about opening that library door, which to me became a window to all the amazing people, places and things I could discover. 

Why a New Library: Our new building project was inspired by several things, including the tiny and outdated space we currently occupy and an opportunity to fill a growing need for library services and meeting space in a growing community. 

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Janice Seidiltz

Years in Library Service:

Committee(s): Building, Compensation, Finance

A Favorite Book:  I enjoy Stuart Woods Stone Barrington Novel Series

Their Favorite Thing About Libraries: I love that libraries not only provide windows into worlds that most of us could never imagine, but that they are becoming more and more an integral part of communities in programming and education.

Why a New Library: The new library will allow us to service more of the community than ever before!   We look forward to being able to provide more space for meetings, studying, children and community programs, classes, and so much more.  We will also be able to increase our circulation.  In a time, especially now with everyone so use to being in their own bubble, we will have something new and exciting to pull our community even closer together and provide services that we have not been able to in the past.  

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